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Applied Technology at Junior Cycle

Applied Technology is a hands on, design and make subject which encourages students to develop the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills and subject knowledge to investigate and solve real-life problems. New technologies can impact on society and the environment. Students will analyse expected benefits and impacts as they make decisions about their design solutions, while considering the end user, the environmental impact and the functionality of their designs. This will be achieved through three inter-connected strands: Principles and Practices, Energy and Control, and Technology and Society.


Throughout each of the strands, there are four elements: Analysis and problem solving, Design and innovation, Planning, Managing and creating and Communicating which create a framework for student learning. Applied Technology is assessed at a common level. On completion of the Classroom-Based Assessments, students undertake a project. The project is completed after the second CBA in third year. The brief for the project is set and marked by the State Examinations Commission (SEC). The project accounts for 70% of the final SEC grade with the written examination accounting for the other 30%.


  • Mr Mc Guirk

Leaving Cert Technology

Leaving Certificate technology provides students with the knowledge and skills associated with technology education. Students apply their knowledge and skills creatively in a design-based approach to solving everyday technological problems, mindful of the impact on natural resources and on the environment.

The syllabus comprises core areas of study, which are mandatory, and five optional areas of study, from which students choose two. It is 50% project based and 50% written exam.

Why Study Technology?
  • Given the current accelerated advances in technology, this is a very cutting edge subject. This subject aims to boost a student's ability to apply knowledge and skills to evaluate technology. 

  • Technology will help you to solve many of the technological problems you may experience in everyday life.

  • This subject teaches you to think about a problem and then use your knowledge and skills to design a solution to that problem.

  • It will teach you skills in the use of basic tools and equipment.

  • You will also be able to identify many different types of materials and have a basic understanding of electronic circuits and gear systems.

What kind of Student would Technology suit?

Students do not need to have taken Technology at Junior Cert to do this course. It would however be an advantage if students had taken one of Tech Drawing, Wood Technology or Technology, as this subject consolidates, extends and refines knowledge, skills and techniques acquired at Junior Cert. level in these subjects.

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