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Leaving Certificate Applied

Leaving Cert Applied will identify and address the educational needs of the students who use the Leaving Cert for certification purposes as distinct for selection for higher education.

What is it?

  • Two year duration.

  • A distinct, self contained programme.

  • Continuity and progression from the Junior Certificate Programme.

  • New Teaching and learning methodologies.

  • Educational experience of an active, practical and student-centered nature

  • Content and activities with a significant out-of-school linkage

  • An integrated cross curricular approach in planning and delivery

  • Appropriate range of modes and techniques of assessing pupil progress

  • Develops experience of Senior Cert and VPTI

  • Short term achievable goals

  • Nine tasks to be completed in two years


LCA’s Main Elements:: Modules, Tasks, Exams.


The three subject groups: General Education, Vocational Education, Vocational Preparation.

LCA students will have the following exams: English and Communications, Vocational Specialisms, Mathematical Applications, Gaeilge Chumarsaideach, Modern Language, Social Education. Students who complete LCA will be eligible to progress to many programs certified by FETAC, leading to FETAC level 2 awards.

LCA Exam Dates Jan/Feb 2024

  • 5LCA - Wed 31st Jan and Tue 6th Feb.

  • 6LCA- Wed 31st, Fri 2nd Feb, Tue 6th Feb, Wed 7th Feb, Thur 8th Feb.

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