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Student Leaders

Our Student Leaders led by Ms Murray are a group made up of students from 6th year. These students take on various leadership roles in school life and act as mentors and role models for our younger students. They have met with senior management this year to discuss and share their ideas for school improvement, fundraising for charity, activities for 1st year students and their worries and concerns for the year ahead. During covid are leaders were responsible for maintaining adequate PPE supplies in every classroom. Our Student Leaders also meet with 1st year students on a regular basis to engage in fun activities and offer them support in guidance as they navigate their journey in a new school. 

On October 15th this year Ms Murray, Ms Hughes and our student leaders took part in a sleep out outside the school to raise awareness and funds for the homeless. They raised almost €4000 euro which was used to buy vital supplies for the homeless to be distributed over the winter months. 


We also have a group of TY mentors who are involved with helping out students in the JCSP class group. Each week the students enter a lesson and offer support, help and friendship to the students in the various subject areas. Students in the active schools TY module learn various sporting games and skills and deliver them to the students in 1st year PE lessons. 


Student leadership means students take active roles in their school community and develop positive skills in the process. The goal of inspiring student leaders is to create a culture of ownership, collaboration and community in the classroom and beyond. Student leadership development provides them with vital skills they can carry over to adulthood.

Latest Student Leadership News
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