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Subject Information 

Music at Our Lady’s is an optional subject for both junior and senior cycle. Students also have the opportunity to join the school choir as an extracurricular activity and take part in the school musical.

Department Members

  • Ms Murray

Junior Cycle

The syllabus has been devised to suit the entire range of student aptitude and ability, and to enable students to develop artistic awareness and understanding, self-expression, self-esteem, imagination and musical sensitivity, and therefore, to the development of the whole person. Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to produce and engage with authentic and original music, that is both theirs and the music of others. This is achieved in three areas: 

  1. Performing - singing, playing solo or in groups 

  2. Composing – musical literacy 

  3. Listening - recognition of sounds, textures and styles, along with the ability to listen critically and understand basic structures in music. 


There is an emphasis on student centered teaching and active participation. There are two classroom based assessments (CBAs); Composition Portfolio (year 2) and Programme Note (Year 3), a practical exam (year 3 -30%) and a final written assessment (end of year 3 – 70%)

Senior Cycle

Leaving Certificate Music is a two-year course of study founded on the principles of listening, composing and performing.  Although this subject is open to all students, Music at Junior Certificate level or a high standard of instrumental performance are recommended.  Students will acquire knowledge of music theory and composition, and will also study set works ranging from Bach to Queen.  Irish music, music technology and a large amount of class-based performance also feature on this course.  Students must undertake a performance exam as part of their assessment in which they present a varied performance programme.   


  • Composing Paper - 25% 

  • Listening Paper – 25% 

  • Performance Examination – 50% This is held in the two weeks during the Easter Break

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