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The music department in Our Lady’s is held in very high esteem and is one of the core parts of our school community. Led by the talented and dedicated Ms Murray the department contributes greatly to all aspects of school life. Unfortunately due to covid our school choir has had to take a break but we eagerly await a return to live performances and rehearsals in the near future. 


Every year the school choir performs at all school events, each performance is unique and rehearsed in full before every show. Events include all school masses, Christmas and Easter reflections, TY awards night, Awards Night, Open Night, Graduation ceremonies and many more. These performances add immensely to every occasion and parents and members of the community often comment on the talent our students have to offer. 


Our choir became national champions when they won the Waltons Music for School competition in 2016. They were chosen to perform as guests in Trinity College's ‘Let it Glow’ event, promoting positive mental health for kids. In 2019 they won the Glee section of the Navan Choral festival for the 3rd year in a row. In April 2019 they were selected to perform in the 3 arena as part of a Cycle Against Suicide event, this was a great honor for our school. The choir does not limit itself to just singing with students under the guidance of Ms Murray adding performances and stories to their routine. Our school was crowned Show Choir Ireland National champions in both 2017 and 2018 highlighting the effort, dedication and passion of everyone involved. 


The future of our Choir is bright and we look forward to a return to the stage. 

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