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Subject Information 

Politics and Society is a full Leaving Certificate subject introduced nationally in 2016 as part of the Decade of Centenaries Commemorations. Our Lady’s became one of the first schools locally to introduce the subject in 2019. Students studying the subject address issues relating to Irish politics, international politics, social issues, and global issues like migration, climate change etc. This is an innovative subject that challenges students and helps them develop really strong literacy skills in particular. They also become more active and informed citizens. Central to Politics and Society is the idea that learners should be exposed to competing ideas about their world, have an opportunity to apply these ideas and to evaluate them in light of the evidence that is available, and to come to conclusions.


Department Members

  • Mr Mulroe

Assessment for certification in Politics and Society will be carried out through two assessment components: 1. Report on a citizenship project (20% of the total marks). 2. Written examination (80% of the total marks).

Politics and Society @ Our Lady's

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