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National Success for Keisha in the Credit Union Art Competition

Congratulations to Sixth Year student, Keisha Mc Cann who excelled in the national stages of the Credit Union Art Competition, coming second in the country. The Credit Union Art Competition is a highly competitive and prestigious competition, with students from across the country submitting their artwork for consideration.

This year Keisha’s incredible artistic talents have been recognised in this year’s competition, where she emerged as one of the top contenders in the country. Keisha was delighted to have come second at national level ‘’I entered the Credit Union art competition this year through my local Credit Union, Castleblayney Credit Union and I’m thrilled to have been placed second at national level. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the awards ceremony in Croke Park as I was on a school trip in Paris. Luckily, I’ve experienced the awards ceremony before as I won at national level as a First Year. I suppose it’s nice how I won as a First Year and then again as a Sixth Year. The theme was "It's a wonderful world’’ and I interpreted this in my own way and twisted it to suit my style of drawing. I used a few media like marker watercolour watercolour pencils collage and some acrylic too. I drew a photograph of myself, one flipped and in black and white, both sides are very different. The black and white side is dull while the other side is colourful and lots of different things are jumping out at you. The Credit Union logo is hidden in a few spots in the photo. To sum it up, my piece is supposed to show a contrast between how people view the world. The two opposite yet identical images, represent how changing perspective and having a different outlook on things, the world can be ‘wonderful’. Keisha’s Art teacher Ms. Mc Ardle said that ‘’the annual Credit Union Art Competition is a great initiative for art students to enter on a local and national level.

It is a good incentive for students to work to a theme and to showcase their artistic talent outside the school art room. The broad theme allows students to explore their creativity and to take ownership of their work. Our Lady's Secondary School Art Department is very proud of Keisha and the art students who were winners in the local, chapter and now national level of the Credit Union Art Competition."

School Principal Mr. Kelly congratulated Keisha on her success commenting that ‘As a school, we are incredibly proud of Keisha’s achievement in the national stages of the Credit Union Art Competition. Keisha’s success is a testament to her hard work and dedication, as well as to the quality of education provided by our school. We are proud to have been part of Keisha’s artistic journey and to have helped provide her with the skills and opportunities necessary to succeed. This achievement is also another example of the supportive and nurturing environment that we strive to create within our school. We place a strong emphasis on providing our students with a well-rounded education, including access to a wide range of extracurricular activities such as art competitions, which allow them to develop their skills and interests outside of the classroom. I would like to thank Keisha’s teacher Ms. Mc Ardle for the support and guidance she provided to Keisha throughout this competition and for the wonderful work she is doing in promoting Art through a wide range of extra curricular initiatives’.

Photograph: Sixth Year student Keisha Mc Cann pictured with school Principal Mr. Kelly and Art Teacher Ms. Mc Ardle


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