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Our Lady’s Students Mesmerize Audiences with Musical

After three Covid hit years the much anticipated Our Lady’s school musical returned with their version of “Rock of Ages”. It was staged in Iontas from October 11th to 13th and left the packed audiences enthralled. The 80 strong group of TY and 5th Year students showcased all of their exceptional talents and received standing ovations on the three consecutive nights befitting of a West End Production.

“Rock of Ages” is the story of a small-town girl and a city boy who meet on the Sunset Strip while pursuing their Hollywood dreams in 1987. Sherrie (Mia Black) has just arrived in Hollywood from Tulsa looking to become a rock star. She is just like Drew (Eanna Curran) was when he first arrived in Hollywood, he is now the Hollywood veteran, who works as a bar back at the Bourbon Club, known as the centre of the rock scene where many of the

biggest acts in rock got their big break. The two meet as Drew helps Sherrie

with a situation when she first arrives in town. Despite Dennis (Max Morgenroth), the Bourbon's owner/manager, not liking to hire people like Drew or Sherrie, Drew is able to

convince Dennis and his assistants Lonny (Brion Sherry) and Lana (Poppy Caraher) to hire Sherrie as a server. Dennis and Lonny, who are having financial difficulties, are able to convince rock star Stacee Jaxx (Shane Miller) the legendary front man for the band Arsenal who got his first break performing at the Bourbon, to perform for free at a benefit concert at

the club. Rumours are that Stacee is leaving Arsenal after their next gig to go

solo. Another problem for the Bourbon Room is that the Mayor (Michael Renaghan) is taking a tough stance on what he sees as bad societal influences like rock music, he is

being encouraged by German entrepreneurs (The Kilnemann family played by Laura McMahon, Oisin McKiernan, Ben McDonell and Theo McMahon) who are gently persuading him to clean up the Strip and shut down the notorious bars and clubs to be replaced

by the Klinemann Empire. As Drew and Sherrie's romance blossoms, other

romances around them blossom as well. But their romance and their musical

aspirations are threatened by trying to stay true to their musical visions,

changing musical tastes, and by Stacee himself. As the story unfolds we are introduced to the other leading roles such as Susie (Teegan Campbell), Donnie (Tommy McEneaney), Anita (Leila-May Daly), Justice Charlier (Francessa Hanratty), Ja-kieth Gill (Sean McCooey), Mother (Tara Renaghan), Father (Conall Murray), Constance Stack (Katie-Scarlett McCaul) and Joey Primo (David McMahon).

No show can go on stage without their Musical director who was Music teacher, Ms Cara Murray with Ms Liza Hughes as Producer, Ms. Roisin Mason Assistant Producer, Ms. Davina Marron Assistant Musical director, Sinead Courtney Chief Choreographer and Ms. April Thornton Assistant Choreographer. Set design was by Ms McArdle and special thanks to Mr. Hugh Carragher, Mr. Stephen Smith, Mr. Mooney, Mr. Graham, Eoghan Cumiskey, Callum Cunnigham and Darragh Kerr for construction of the props.

It was all hands on deck as student leaders ran the raffle each night, the back stage crew and set design team were extremely efficient and professional in their stage management and in helping with sound, lighting & make up. Well done to everyone.

Speaking at the school during the week, Principal Mr Eddie Kelly congratulated everyone involved in the production of the musical which was an outstanding success. ‘What the audience witnessed over the course of three nights was a culmination of a tremendous amount of sacrifice and dedication by staff and students. It was a great testimony to the talent and commitment of staff and students that in the space of seven weeks they managed to produce and perfect a series of outstanding performances characterised by huge energy, enthusiasm and an incredible amount of talent. We are extremely proud of the students involved in the musical and they are excellent ambassadors for our school and I’ve no doubt that the characteristics they have developed and the values they have learned this past few weeks will be put to good use over the course of their remaining time at Our Lady’s. On behalf of management, parents and students I would like to thank all staff involved in the production of the musical at so many different levels but in particular to acknowledge the vision, guidance, commitment and dedication of Ms. Murray, Ms. Hughes, Ms. Mason, Ms. Marron and Ms. Thornton. The fact that the musical was produced and directed exclusively by the staff of Our Lady’s and the attention to detail, level of professionalism and quality of performance was second to none. As a school we are indebted to Ms. Murray, Ms. Hughes, Ms. Mason, Ms. Marron and Ms. Thornton for their incredible generosity of time and their continued hard work and dedication to our school and students’.

Just can’t wait until the next one!!!


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