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Success for Our Lady’s in the Prodigy Learning Microsoft Office Exams

Congratulations to the staff and students of Our Lady’s Secondary School after it was announced that the school has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by Prodigy Learning for the 2022-2023 academic year. This recognition is a testament to the commitment and hard work of our dedicated staff and the exceptional performance of our students in their Microsoft Office exams.  Prodigy Learning is a leading provider of IT certification exams and learning solutions for schools, colleges, and businesses worldwide. Their certification programmes are designed to equip students with the digital skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's rapidly changing world. Principal of Our Lady’s Secondary School, Mr. Kelly commented that ‘at our school, we recognise the importance of technology in education and have invested heavily in providing our students with the latest digital tools and resources. Our partnership with Prodigy Learning has played a vital role in this endeavour, and we are delighted to see our efforts being recognised to such a high level. These awards reflect the high standards of teaching and learning at our school and the commitment of our staff to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital age. We are immensely proud of our students who have shown exceptional performance in Prodigy Learning's certification exams. Their success is a testament to their hard work and dedication, as well as the commitment and support provided by their teachers, especially Ms. Clarke who coordinates the programme in our school.’

Photograph: Mr. Billy Breen from Prodigy Learning presents the Centre of Excellence Award for 2022- 2023 to school Deputy Principal Mr Darren Bishop Microsoft Office Coordinator Ms. Clarke and Fifth Year students Craig Brady and Isobelle Hendry


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