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Success for Annabel Bogue in the National Final of the Europe Direct Public Speaking Competition

Congratulations to Our Lady’s student Annabel Bogue who emerged triumphant in the national finals of the Europe Direct Soapbox Public Speaking competition. The announcement came at the culminating event held at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland on November 27th, where Annabel's articulate delivery and insightful perspective set her apart as the deserving winner.

This victory follows Annabel's earlier success in the Regional final of the competition held on November 17th, where she showcased her exceptional public speaking skills, paving the way for her journey to the national stage. The competition, known for its challenging themes, requires participants to deliver compelling speeches on topics of contemporary importance. Annabel’s ability to articulate complex ideas demonstrated not only her command of language but also a profound understanding of the theme, "In today's turbulent times, it is more important than ever to build a better future, by voting in the EU Parliament Election."

Mr. Kelly, the Principal of Our Lady’s expressed his admiration for Annabel's achievement, stating, "Annabel's success in the Europe Direct Soapbox Public Speaking competition is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication. We are immensely proud of her accomplishments and the way she represented our school on the national stage. This victory not only highlights Annabel's individual capabilities but also reflects the commitment of our school to nurturing confident, articulate, and socially aware young leaders. Annabel's victory underscores the importance of providing platforms for students to express their opinions on matters that shape our world.’’

Photograph: Fifth Year student Annabel Bogue pictured after winning the national finals of the Europe Direct Soapbox Public Speaking Competition.


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