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Religion Department Members at Our Lady's

We begin our journey through advent at Our Lady's. The advent wreath, the Jesse tree, the Christmas crib and the guiding light of Christmas will all help to prepare our minds and souls for Christmas. We pray for peace at Christmas in our homes and throughout the world.

Subject Information 

As a Catholic Secondary School operating according to the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy, we are committed to nurturing a reflective and committed religious faith as it is an integral dimension of our school ethos. “Christian community is our heritage and goal, the Good News of the Gospel is our story.” 

Many religious events take place at our school during the year, the beginning of year mass in September, the first year mass, the sixth year mass before the exams, the Easter Reflection, the Christmas Reflection and the Religious Education teachers bring their classes to the prayer room every now and again for meditation, relaxation and prayer.

Religion at Our Lady’s

Religious Education in Our Lady’s contributes not only to the personal reflection and development of young people, but also heightens respect for the beliefs of others and help build a diverse but cohesive school.   Religious Education at Our Lady’s contributes significantly, indeed uniquely, to the education of the whole person. Good Religious Education as offered in Our Lady’s honors the freedom of conscience of the young person while revering their family faith and/or belief traditions and expectations. Religious Education creates a safe space to test one’s own identity, and reflect with others in a respectful manner on the search for meaning and values.


Religion Department Members at Our Lady's

  • Ms Hanniffy

  • Ms Duffy

  • Ms Loughman

  • Ms Bruen

  • Ms O Johnston

  • Ms L Hughes

  • Ms E Brennan

  • Ms Mason

  • Ms I Brennan

  • Ms A Hughes

  • Mr Doris

Junior Cycle Religious Education

At Junior Cycle level, our students study a range of topics including:

  • First Year: Communities and roles within a community; Communities at work; Sign and symbol; The world of ritual ; The foundations of Christianity, evidence of Jesus Christ, the person and His preaching; An introduction to morality.

  • Second Year: The beginnings of faith; The Question of Faith – How Faith begins and grows; The ways in which we express our faith ; Prayer; Communities of Faith and the relationship between them; Faith in Christ; The death and resurrection of Jesus.

  • Third Year: Sources of Morality, Conscience, Moral Decision Making, Living Morality. Law and Morality; Sin and Forgiveness; The Dignity of the Human Person; Exploring Moral Issues; Rites of passage and other rituals; The situation of faith today; Challenges to faith; The Experience of worship; Worship as response to mystery.

Senior Cycle Religious Education

At Senior Cycle, our students experience a modular system of Religious Education whereby they study four/five courses per year with four/five different teachers. At senior cycle level the emphasis is on becoming a “critical questioner and reflective searcher”. Our students study the following five modules:

Transition Year Religious Education Modules:                    

  • Prayer

  • Journey

  • Commandments

  • Pilgrimage

  • God

  • RSE

5th Year Religious Education Modules

  • Christianity

  • The Search for Meaning

  • Morality

  • RSE

6th Year Religious Education Modules

  • Celebrating Faith

  • Justice

  • Story

  • RSE

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