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Our Lady’s History tour to Berlin

A group of forty six senior history students from Ms. Sheridan's and Mr. O Boyle's classes embarked on a captivating journey through history as they explored the vibrant city of Berlin from December 6th to December 9th. This immersive experience brought their Leaving Certificate history syllabus to life, providing a real and tangible connection to the events and places they are currently studying as part of their history course.

Upon their arrival on Wednesday morning, the students delved into Berlin's rich history with a guided tour that traversed the political, economic, and social dimensions of the city. Key landmarks, such as the iconic Brandenburg Gate, the poignant Holocaust Memorial, and the site of Hitler's bunker, served as focal points for understanding Berlin's complex history.

Thursday brought a solemn visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, a stark reminder of the impact of the events of World War II. Following this sobering experience, the students marvelled at the architectural splendour and historical significance of the Olympic Stadium. The day concluded with an evening visit to the German Parliament headquarters at the Reichstag.

Friday unfolded with an engaging visit to the Stasi Prison, a facility that held political prisoners during the Cold War. The students then explored the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Topography of Terror, further deepening their understanding of Berlin's complex history. As the adventure concluded on Saturday evening, the tired yet enriched group returned to Castleblayney armed with a wealth of new knowledge and insights as well as cherished memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.


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