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Prestigious Naughton Scholarship for Our Lady’s Student

The 8th Naughton scholarship for Our Lady’s in 12 years…………

Congratulations were the order of the day in Our Lady’s Secondary School when news came through of the awarding of the prestigious Naughton Scholarship to Kaitlin Brereton of the Leaving Certificate class of 2022. Kaitlin becomes the 8th student in Our Lady’s to receive this honour, with previous Naughton Scholars in 2010, two in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020 and the current award, a pretty spectacular record for any school! This scholarship is based on students showing a particular flair and excellence in the areas of Science, Technology & Maths and highlights the wonderful work that is being done by teachers in the school in these areas. The scholarships, one of which is awarded to each county are intended as a reward and encouragement to exceptional students who would like to study in the STEM field at university. This awarding of this scholarship to Kaitlin will be a fantastic support to her as she prepares to commence her studies at University College Galway. Kaitlin received her Naughton Scholarship at an event in Trinity College Business School on Saturday October 15th, the 2020 recipient Jason Carragher also received his award at this event.

Speaking at the school during the week, Principal, Mr Eddie Kelly offered his congratulations to Kaitlin and Jason on receiving these prestigious scholarships. These awards are a wonderful achievement for Kaitlin and Jason and are a just reward for all their hard work and dedication to their studies as well as their wonderful interest in and commitment to the area of science and technology outside of school. Both students are wonderful ambassadors for our school and we in Our Lady’s are very proud of their achievements. This is another noteworthy achievement for our school in Technology and Science and our staff deserve great credit for the fantastic work that they do in promoting these areas of interest and study among our students’


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